Following through on your New Years Resolution to make a will

time to get a will?

Was making a will one of your 2014 New Years’ Resolutions?

By February, it’s easy to forget the promises you made to yourself early in the New Year. Or maybe it’s been on your resolution list for a few years now.

You’re not alone —roughly half of British Columbians don’t have a will in place. It’s one of those things, you know it’s important, but it’s not something you really like thinking about and neither does your family.

You’ll be happy to know it’s actually easier than you think to have your wishes known and recorded.

Both lawyers and notaries public are able to draft wills in B.C.

Notaries public are able to handle wills for most situations. They work with you to gather information regarding your assets and wishes, and then draft your will for your approval and signature. You will have to provide information and documentation for yourself and your spouse, if applicable. After that, it’s up to your Notary Public to draw up a satisfactory will.

There are certain instances when lawyers must be the ones to draw up wills, but only in certain cases when trust provisions are involved.

Your family is precisely the reason you should follow through on your resolution. Things can get complicated for them if you are to pass with no will in place. Read more about what can happen in such cases in our previous blog post .

It’s time to follow through on your New Year’s resolution! For help, contact a trusted Notary Public like Simpsons Notaries. It’s easy to start the process on our website here:


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