How can a Notary help with your real estate transaction?

conveyancing is peace of mind

Navigating real estate purchases and sales involving large sums of money can be an intimidating prospect. Your notary’s job is to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the process.

Notaries public can help with many non-contentious legal matters, including conveyancing––the purchase, sale and mortgage of property.

What are the three main things your Notary will do for you during property purchase, sale or mortgage?

1) Your Notary is the bridge between you and the buyer or seller: Allow your Notary to act as the intermediary between the two parties involved in the real estate transaction. Your Notary is your representative, and has your best interests at heart.

2) Your Notary’s job is to protect you during the deal: You’re not likely to be comfortable handing over large sums of cash to a buyer you don’t know, and similarly, you would not want to release your property’s title without guarantee of payment. Your Notary will ensure the transaction goes smoothly and payment is made on time.

3) Your Notary will ensure all the proper paperwork is filed: During the transaction, a central part of your Notary’s job is to ensure that funds are calculated and adjusted accordingly and that all the appropriate paperwork is completed and registered so that title to the property is transferred.

Your Notary Public will give you peace of mind by handling all of the necessary details of your real estate purchase, sale or mortgage.

Hiring a notary is a decision often left to you (the buyer or seller), so make sure you let your Real Estate Agent or Mortgage broker know you’d like to work with one (hopefully us!)


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